Dr. Hope, J.A.P.D. (Just A Pretend Doctor)

 Author, Musician, Poker Player, and All Around Silly Guy, whose real name is Tim Anders

was banned from Ocean's Eleven Casino on July 10, 2012

The reason: Caring too much about the employees.

So what happened?

     Ever since Bob Moyer (the former managing partner) retired and Mark Kelegian (an attorney) took control of Oceans' Eleven Casino, there has been discontent amongst the employees.   They don't like the way that they are being treated by the new management and this discontent can be felt by the customers as well. If the poker dealers talk about how they feel to a customer, Mark has said that they will be fired.

     When the management (Mark Kelegian) decided to fire the sweet elderly receptionists and replace them with younger males, Tim 'Dr. Hope' Anders felt that this was just wrong.  Rather than just watch as injustice after injustice was being done he chose to write a letter to the partner who held the majority interest in the club and talk about their termination.  He took action in the hope that he might save their jobs and improve the conditions for the other workers.  A short time after Mark saw a copy of that letter, Mark had Tim banned from Ocean's Eleven.   Click here to read a copy of that letter.




Dr. Hope would like you to comment on this or on what's going at your casino:

Use this forum to tell the world what you think about how management treats the employees and the customers of your casino, without fear of retribution. Your comment will be anonymous, and your identity will not be revealed.   

Please state whether you are an employee, customer, and which casino you're talking about.

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Wow! This site is still up and working!


how long has it been since Mark said that he would have this site taken down. I'm glad to see it is still up


I heard that Mark had this site taken down. That doesn't appear to be the case.


I was banned over a year ago by the current manager who claimed I was over paid by $100 in a tournament but no evidence was ever produced. As a result I have taken my "business" to many other poker rooms (i.e., Pala, Pechanga) in the area that have great environments, honest management and run a solid game. Additionally, during this time I have met numerous players and former employees of Oceans 11 who have either been fired for no cause or have left due to a hostile work environment by the current management... it really shows a lack of character and integrity when money and cutting corners takes precedence over what really matters, and that is people.


So this site is still up, what do you know about that!


Hi Tim, HAPPY NEW YEAR! How about an update on what is going on. As always we all wish you the best. Cheers


Wow, Happy New Year. I heard that the 3rd lawsuit that Oceans filed against Tim was dropped. Is this true?


Anybody going to Ocean's this weekend to play in the WPT500?


i DON'T wish any harm to Mark, I just want the employees to get treated better. Wow it's been four years since I was threatened to take down this site or be sued. The lawsuits are still going on and guess what, the site is still up! Thanks for posting! Tim


Tim , Please contact me at this email address Freespirited101a@Hotmail.com . You and I have spoken at Pechanga about Mark and Oceans 11. I am almost positive how we can legally harm him without it costing either one of us a dime. Please write me or call me at 714 - 224 - 2137 and my name is Wayne. You may remember me as Joe Friday.




Pechanga Poker Room is a real good place to play. It is so clean and the people who work there treat all players with respect. Nothing that you see at Oceans 11. Star is a great room manager. I look forward to my next chance to visit her and the casino with great food, clubs, blackjack, and of course , the most important......POKER : )


Congratulations to you that just quit working under and NOT with Mark. Since Mark doesn't seem to work WITH people. He's not smart or caring enough to do that. He's a F-R-U-A-D !


Thank the lord! For the first time in years I feel better than ever now that I quit working for O11. Working under Mark Kelegian was the worst experience of my life. Thank god its over


You don't have to use your real name or email address here but before you get to nervous about anything , real this and you'll find it very interesting. http://www.newser.com/story/222165/chipotle-illegally-fired-worker-over-critical-tweets.html


Minimum Wage is going to go up again until it eventually hit's $ 15.00 an hour. I wonder if Mark is already figuring out ways to drive even more business away raising the rake. --- Come on people ...and let other's know that again is the site to go. Here you can say what you want about Mark and not worry about a thing. Just speak the truth about how about he treats everyone and how wrongly he does so many things. Tim could tear Mark apart like a tiger legally if he had the right support. And we would all benefit from it. Tell your friends about this site again and come back and write more and lets work on getting positive results despite all the things negative that Mark is.


Please contact me ASAP. Former employee wrongfully terminated by Mark last week along with two others


Tim , you and I have had contact in the past about this present ownership and how bad they are. Now I want to tell you something in private so please email me. Thank you and I hope you're doing great. Casino is at a big loss without you.


Hi, Dr. Hope! I came across your website after googling "Ocean's 11 Casino." I live in San Marcos & wanted to talk to you about the casino & your banishment. Send me an email when you get a chance. Kind regards, Brian


Here's wishing all of you a very merry Christmas!--Tim


“Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future.” ~Charles F. Kettering


“Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”-Martin Luther King  


“I wanted to have a career in sports when I was young, but I had to give it up. I’m only six feet tall, so I couldn’t play basketball. I’m only 190 pounds, so I couldn’t play football. And I have 20-20 vision, so I couldn’t be a referee.” ~Jay Leno


Never be bullied into silence.


It's a new year. Here's wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year!! --Tim


"Most of my money I spent on fast cars booze and women. The rest... I wasted." --George Best


I love quotes; sometimes I even quote myself: "Most people don't like change. I knew a guy who really, really liked change... he was a coin collector!" -- Tim "Dr. Hope" Anders? For more silly quotes click here: http://youtu.be/x_5tAeGUdRI


"Problems are only opportunities in work cloths." --Henry J. Kaiser http://www.drhope.com/01MotivationalVideo2.html


"All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck, who keeps right on going, is the man who is there when the good luck comes and is ready to receive it." --Robert Collier


Ocean11.info was never a website. It always was redirected. The difference is it used to be masked and redirected but now just forwarded (redirected).


To answer your question, no, it is not over. I won the first case. The second case my anti-SLAPP motion was denied so I appealed to a higher court which found in my favor so the second case is over except for hearings on what Ocean's owes my attorneys in that case. The third case my anti-SLAPP motion was denied so I'm appealing that. The notice of appeal was filed last week. So that battle, and its expences, are just begining. Wish me luck --Tim


Congrats Tim! Why have a redirect off oceans11.info? You should put the site back on oceans11.info. That way when people search for the casino it indexes and they can find it.


Tim, As much as I have tried to keep up with your efforts I must admit it is not clear to me exactly what is happening now. Is it over? Did Goliath go down for the count? You are truly amazing! More than 2 years of your time and treasure. My hat is off to you my friend, you are one of a kind. THANK YOU for all you have done.


"Adversity introduces a man to himself." --Anonymous


"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." --Edmund Burke


The lower court order stopping me from using Oceans11.info has now crashed and burned. I waited to reuse Oceans11.info until the decision was final. It now is. --Tim


I won my appeal. I've now won two out of the three frivolous lawsuits that Mark has caused to be filed against me. You now can access this Public Forum by using http://Oceans11.info , as before. ==Tim


I'm still fighting with Mark/Ocean's it may be over next Friday, we'll see, but here is something way more important. Tomorrow, July 19th Pala Casino is having a Rivercard Event! Hooray! 12:15 start time, so you can sleep in a little bit, $180 entry, 20k guarantee, what could be more fun that spending an afternoon playing cards with people like... ME! So come on down. --Tim


Way to to go Tim!! Saw that you won on appeal! Put the old oceans11.info back up :)


zOops, I meant the 17th. Pala (http://www.palacasino.com/casino/poker/tournaments-calendar/) is having a $250 buyin tournament on Sat May 17th with a 1st prize of $10,000 entry into the Main Event at the WSOP. I hope to see you there--Tim




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